Organisation is key to any construction project. Getting workers, tools, vehicles and countless other vital equipment in the right place at the right time can feel like it takes military precision. Our GPS asset tracking system helps you take back control. Help improve productivity, minimise downtime, and promote the safety of your drivers, vehicles and assets at all times.

Less downtime, more bottom line

The question of maintenance in the construction industry concerns not only the longevity of vehicles and equipment but is also one of safety. With GPS tracking in place, however, construction managers have peace of mind that all vehicles are in optimum condition. Not only can GPS tracking monitor any behaviours that could damage vehicles – such as harsh breaking or acceleration – but with handy maintenance alerts set by time or mileage, fleet and site managers can easily stay on top of routine servicing.

Keep drivers safer, keep vehicles secure

Construction vehicles can be big, heavy and costly. Bad habits such as speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking not only puts your drivers at risk, but other road users too. Monitor these metrics with GPS tracking and coach on better driver practices to keep you drivers, your vehicles and your reputation safer.

And with costly equipment comes increased chances of theft. - set alerts to inform you as soon as a vehicle is started at an unauthorised time or driven in a restricted location. And if your assets do go missing, recover them quickly through the GPS location.

All your equipment on one screen

You probably run different brands of equipment, which means logging on to different systems for equipment reports.

Through a combination of the benefits – improved efficiency, better productivity, reduction of theft and so on – construction companies can potentially lower operating costs and, in turn, increase profits. And that’s not all. Tracking important events, such as idling time and harsh acceleration, can also reduce fuel

Don’t waste time wasting time

As well as allowing construction managers to optimise routes, GPS tracking can boost efficiency by automating time-consuming site admin. As site arrival and departure time is logged automatically, GPS tracking eliminates the need for manual job tickets and timesheets – resulting in more accurate billing and stress-free payroll.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of GPS to the construction industry is in its ability to make the complex simple. GPS tracking takes the headache out of a host of processes – such as logistics, payroll, maintenance, job pricing and more – to give construction managers greater control and greater peace of mind.