Fleet Tracking Apps

GPS vehicle tracking apps – mobile. Just like you.

Fleet tracking apps for when you manage behind the wheel not a desk.

  • Your business is on the move so it’s not likely your supervisors are sitting still. The good news is that we make it possible for mobile managers to maintain full control and visibility over crew operations, at all times.
  • A lot of managers are unaware of what’s really happening out in the field. That
    can mean missed opportunities, poor productivity or unnecessary costs. We can
    help change that, with a full 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations.
  • Know what's going on in the field so you can dispatch more efficiently, improve
    customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates. StarTrac GPS fleet tracking supports both small and large business fleets.


Streamlined communication

Safety and productivity increase when a supervisor is on site and with group tracking you can easily report on how your crews are being managed.

Nearest assets

Find what vehicles, drivers or custom markers are closest to your current location and quickly drill down for more information.

Quick filtering

Use tags to quickly locate a driver, technician or team with the right skills and attributes. Find vehicles or fleet equipment with the right capabilities for the job.

Satelilite imagery

Get the most current earth imagery commercially available, with new images being collected and uploaded every day.

GIS map overlays
Use external GIS data to show relevant POIs such as power lines, sewer lines, land use grids and parcel data.

Fast & powerful mapping

Backed by high-performance cloud servers, you'll enjoy maps that are fast, accurate and detailed yet perfect for smaller screens.

Driver events
Receive alerts for specific driver events as they happen including speeding, hard braking or excessive idling. Drill down into a replay of the route taken to investigate incidents.

Dispatch workers

Send the nearest available technician to a new job - direct from your phone or tablet. Resolve ad hoc jobs on the go and keep your customers happy.

Mobile reports

Get reports on a wide range of key fleet metrics direct to your mobile device. Stay in touch with performance against your benchmarks.