Fuel Tanker Monitoring (Cargo) – SFTM

Road Fuel Tanker Monitoring allows:

  • all time has the real information about fuel level in fuel cargo tanks (fuel compartments);
  • control loading and unloading fuel;
  • localize points of fuel loading and uploading;
  • has fuel history for each fuel tank (each fuel compartment);
  • prevent fuel drain, fuel fraud and fuel manipulation.

Road Fuel Tanker Monitoring:

  • remotely continues fuel cargo tanks (fuel compartment) monitoring;
  • accuracy automatic fuel level measurement in cargo tanks;
  • gives detailed information about fuel fueling and draining in cargo tanks or cargo compartments;
  • Detect incidents of fuel drainage and their location;
  • check the point of fuel loading and unloading;
  • collects and stores information about fuel in cargo tanks or compartments for detailed analyzing.

In additional:

  • ability to monitor fuel quality;
  • ability to monitor dissolved water in fuel (water activity);
  • in real time control road fuel tanker location;
  • control road tanker movement and parameters of movement;
  • check truck real fuel consumption;
  • prevents unauthorized use of fuel;
  • check road tanker activity;
  • check the performance of the job or analyse the reason of job failure.

Startrac Fuel Tanker Monitoring System in a full automatically mode, "day & night" collects and stores detailed information about fuel cargo tank contents and tanker activity.

In general, Startrac Fuel Tanker Monitoring System (SFTM) consist of three main components:

  • special fuel level sensors with digital communication interface
  • Startrac VB8 - special vehicle GPS-GSM/GPRS module. Collect information from digital fuel level sensors (located in cargo tanks) and send this information to monitoring station by GSM/GPRS network;
  • Monitoring station, that storing received data from fuel tankers and analysing received information.