Improve fleet productivity with real-time tracking
20 December 2018

Improve fleet productivity with real-time tracking

The rapid growth in online shopping is placing ever greater demands on an increasing number of fleets.

A study by RetailMeNot and the Centre for Retail Research found that online retail expenditure is rising on average at rate of 20%n each year.

To cope with the extra demands, more fleets are using telematics to improve their productivity. Consequently, vans can deliver more goods in less time while using more efficient routes.

The technology can also be used to manage deliveries in real time for improved customer service.

“Telematics really enhances home delivery companies’ ability to give real-world delivery windows to customers “Where planned schedules are theoretical, telematics offers a concrete, proven schedule that allows delivery firms to give accurate information to customers, which isn’t based on theory.”

“There’s no single fleet that benefits the most from telematics for routing and scheduling, as it helps every fleet, regardless of size.

“By using better scheduling and better routing, you can access savings that can be invested into other areas of your business.