Passenger Transit

When your cargo is people, safety is paramount

Passenger transport companies have a tremendous responsibility on the roads when it comes to promoting safe driving behaviour. Not only are the vehicles themselves often large and expensive, your cargo is literally your customers, so ensuring that your drivers are driving responsibly is crucial in order to best protect your assets and your customers. With bus tracking you can be alerted to dangerous driving habits such as speeding and harsh braking, and respond quickly to emergencies should any difficulties arise.

What’s more, many bus fleets and vehicles must adhere to the Tachograph legislation, and the consequences of incorrect tacho recording can be severe. Not only could you be breaking the law but the risk of accidents increases dramatically when drivers work for long periods without breaks. Connect your compatible tachograph to our solution and enjoy unprecedented visibility of each drivers live tacho status. Help make faster decisions, produce more accurate plans and get advanced warning of infringements.

How our software helps transportation companies

Reduce fuel spend, increase productivity and provide additional safety and security for both driver and passenger with bus fleet management solutions. Know where your transport vehicles are at all times, provide accurate arrival and departure times to your customers and gain peace of mind that your drivers are driving responsibly.

Deliver a seamless service

A productive fleet is a happy fleet, and in a competitive market like transportation, not providing a timely, efficient service can be the difference between repeat customers or empty seats. Fleet management empowers you with the intelligence and insight to plan ahead and help increase the productivity of your fleet every day, through optimised routing, accurate dispatching and reorganisation of your fleet as needed.

Know exactly where your vehicles are at all times, find the nearest available vehicle for the next pick up and provide clear and accurate instructions to your drivers, without having to call them up time and again for check-ins and location updates, which is not only laborious and often inaccurate, it also compromises the safety of your driver, the vehicle and everyone in it.