Safety & Dash Cameras

Improve Fleet Safety

Dual and front-facing HD dash cams automatically upload footage of harsh driving incidents and provide on-demand retrieval. Infrared LED even captures night-time in-cab video.

Mirror Dash Cam

For those who want their Dash Cam to break the mould, the Mirror dash is designed as a discreet yet high quality addition to any vehicle.

Identify and Coach At-Risk Drivers

In-cab voice coaching and driver safety scores make it easy to provide personalised feedback and coaching.

Expedite Insurance Payouts

Defend innocent drivers and accelerate the insurance claims process with high definition video evidence.

Install Your Hardware in Minutes

Simple installation with zero-configuration allows you to get set up in 15 minutes. Samsara's hardware works with any vehicle, including vans, lorries, HGVs, buses, and more.

Startrac Hawk Dashboard Camera

The ideal choice for fleets or single vehicles. The impressive Hawk Dashboard camera offers up to 1080p resolution, low light sensor, GPS receiver, G-Force sensor and image stabilisation.

  • Full HD 1080p Video recording
  • High quality sensors tuned for low light sensitivity
  • Gyro balance image stabilisation
  • External audio output
  • Alarm input for remote triggering events
  • Communication port for tracking devices

Startrac Hawk Multi Camera

Multi camera system is ideal for Buses, Matatus, Mini Buses and HGVs. With up to 8 cameras recording footage business can obtain a 360-degree view around their vehicle. Front mounted in-cab monitor allows for perfect blind spot view.

  • Available in 4 or 8 channels
  • HHD dock to transfer video to your computer
  • Software compatible with windows
  • Date & time stamped video for evidential purposes
  • Records G-sensor data