School Transportation

Transport Managers and school administrators have various tasks including student safety, addressing parent concerns, school bus routing, allocation and optimization. Startrac solution for schools makes all of these tasks easier with intelligent management tools, communication and reporting facilities.

The idea behind School Bus Tracking is to provide real-time location updates of children to parents and school. Ensure the safety and security of students / Employees, Startrac module enables live tracking of the buses, real-time video streaming, and real-time alert notifications.

Startrac makes sure about security, routing, and scheduling of buses. For exceptional cases, school authority can make changes in it. It is a time-saving and reliable process.

Startrac is the solution for school bus safety concerns for all school authorities. School bus tracking system helps to create healthy, trustworthy and more efficient school bus management.

Startrac Bus Driver App:

With Driver application, Driver can mark attendance, schedule rout, collaborates with school authority and control students, and ensure school bus safety.

Driver App Features

  • Driver can have the trip details day wise.
  • Driver will be able to get the information of stoppages.
  • Driver will have the facility to see the on-board, off-board and not boarded students’ detail of the trip.
  • If any instant trip will happen; Diver will know every detail.

Startrac Parent App:

A Parent can check the real-time location of the bus on the map and apply for the leave through our App with one click.

Parents shall get alerts when:

  • Student fails to get on the bus
  • Student fails to get off the bus
  • Student boards the wrong bus
  • Student boards bus from wrong stop
  • Student gets off at wrong stop
  • Bus is on the way for pick-up
  • Bus is on the way for drop-off
  • Student is picked up
  • Student has been dropped off